our success has been built around one simple goal: Making sure you get exactly the haircut for your pet companion that you want every time you and your pet walk through our doors. That's why every one of our professionally trained stylists takes special care to listen to every word you say. We will discuss the age of your pet, their health issues and the present condition of their fur. So that the haircut you ask for is always the cut you get.
What's more, we have many nearby locations, and we're always open late and on weekends, 7 days a week, so you can always get a haircut when it's convenient for you.
So make your next pets' haircut a great haircut at Phoebe Pet House.  Locations are available in Scarborough and Richmond Hill.
By appointment only ….. 416-560-9331.

Here are all our packages:

Basic Grooming

Recommended for short or medium coat breeds that may not require a lot of brushing.  This treatment includes nail trimming, cleaning ears and removal of excess hair and expressing of anal glands.  We always use premium-quality shampoo, and provide a thorough blow drying and finished brushing. Your dog will come away clean, brushed, shining and feeling great!

Full Grooming

For dogs with long or dense coats that require more extensive brushing with some trimming. Includes our Back to Basics Treatment Package plus extra brushing, clipping or scissoring for that perfect finished look.

Premium Full Grooming

Perfect for breeds and mixes benefiting from more extensive specialty grooming. Includes in our Essentials Treatment Package plus skilled trimming, clipping and finishing that are breed specific to your dog. To give your fur baby the perfect look that you desire.
Phoebe Pet House also offers a wide array of specialty grooming package, so feel free to discuss you and your pet’s needs with us and we will try our best to accommodate them. Here are some of the additional grooming services that we offer to your dog:

Your Puppy's First Grooming

gets your pup off to a great start to grooming. We will introduce your fur baby to bathing, brushing, nail clipping and trimming. This service is for puppies under 5 months of age.

FURminator deShedding Grooming

Your pet's undercoat can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair — and the major source of shedding. The FURminator deShedding Products were developed to grab and remove (not cut) undercoat hair quickly and easily. The more hair we remove from your pet, the less hair you need to remove from your couch, your clothes, your floors, your carpet, your car and your home.


perfect for when you don't have time to give your fur baby a good brushing between groomings. This treatment Includes brush-out & comb, ears, tooth brushing & pedicure.  

Speciality Shampoos & Treatments

Oatmeal Bath

soothing relief for dry skin, itching and irritation. Conditions and helps restore natural moisture to skin & coat.

Silky Skin Treatment

Includes oatmeal bath and remoisturizing conditioner. Perfect for seasonal dry skin & coat problems.

Remoisturizing Conditioner

A deep penetrating hair revitalizer that helps replenish natural oils to leave the coat soft & shiny. Perfect for seasonal dry skin.

Flea Shampoo

We use only natural flea products that are harmful to fleas, not pets. We do not use chemical insecticides.

Hypoallergenic shampoo

Extra-gentle formula for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. Contains no dyes or perfumes.

Snow-burst White

Natural optical brightener shampoo, not a bleach. Won't yellow your dog's coat.

Stain Remover

Staining won't wash away completely, but we can reduce the appearance of unsightly stains. And offer suggestions for prevention in the future.

De-skunking & Deodorizing

If your dog gets skunked, ask us about home remedies ASAP. Time is of the essence - no pun intended.

Tooth Brushing

We'll give your doggie a thorough tooth brushing to keep those pearly whites shining.


Don't need a full grooming, but want your dog's nails done? We'll clip, file or grind, and color on your dog's nails.

Ear cleaning & hair removal

Keeping your dog's ear canals clean and free of hair is critical for good health.